Light and medium tanks



The medium tank of the Red Army, produced in 1944 as a replacement of the already outdated T-34.

Design improvements made it possible to increase the thickness of its front hull to 120mm without overloading the front rollers. It was the first tank to use cross-wise engine installation, which allowed increased space, even as it also eliminated an underlying structural defect: the bow machine gun and driver's hatch switched positions on the glacis plate – an often-admired feature of the unit. Various versions of the tank exist which adapted a more powerful 100-mm gun.

Over the course of the war, 655 units were manufactured.


4 men
31.0 tons
6.07 m
3.18 m
2.41 m
50 km/h
200 km
85mm ZiS-S-53 tank gun;
Secondary: 2 × 7.62mm DTM