Light vehicles (armored vehicles)



The U.S. Army supplied this half-track armored vehicle to the USSR according to the Lend-Lease program. They were primarily used as medical units, command posts and repair vehicles. Over 31,000 of these cars were produced in total.

This armored personnel carrier was armed with Browning 12.7mm and 7.62mm machine guns, which were installed on special machines that moved across the perimeter of the body along a rail. In addition, the center of the body featured a rack for mounting an anti-aircraft gun. The M3 had a steel-armored hull 12.7mm thick, tapering to 6.4mm on the sides and rear.

It received a fiery baptism in December 1941 in the Philippines. From the beginning it was noted for its lacking armor.


3 men
9.06 tons
6.16 m
1.96 m
2.26 m
72 km/h
320 km
7.62mm M1919A4;
12.7mm M2