Light and medium tanks

Sherman M4A1


The Medium Tank, M4, was the primary battle tank used by the United States. It was one of the most produced tanks - more than 49,000 Shermans had been manufactured since 1942.Due to the extensive supply through Lend-Lease to Great Britain and the USSR the Sherman was employed almost in every battle during World War II.

US engineers had developed seven versions of this tank since 1942. However, only four of them were ever employed: M4 (the original version), M4A1, M4A3 and M4A4. The M4 prototype also led to development of numerous versions of mobile artillery and other machinery.

The versions had different armament, engine and track design. Apart from that, the M4A1 also had a distinctive look due its cast hull.

The Sherman was first employed by the British forces on the battlefield near El Alamein. This tank proved itself in battles against the Germans Pz.III and VI, and made a significant contribution to the Allied victory.

Historical fact. The tank was named in honor of the general who commanded the Union army during the American Civil War, William Sherman. Just like the Stuart, the tank received its nickname from the British. Soviet tank crewmen named it "emcha" (the number four looks similar to the Russian letter "ch").


5 men
30.3 tons
5.89 m
2.61 m
2.74 m
48 km/h
190 km
75mm M3;
Secondary: 12.7mm M2HB;
2 × 7.62mm M1919A4