Tank destroyer

Wolverine M10


This self-propelled tank destroyer entered production in 1942, and was constructed on the base of a M4A2 medium tank. Nicknamed Wolverine, the M10 was delivered to the British forces under the Lend-Lease program. 

Its main disadvantage was that the hatches for the driver and his assistant could not be opened while the cannon pointed directed forward, but it made up for this with an impressive firing rate of 15 rounds per minute. The critical tests arrived when the M10 landed at Normandy, where it quickly became clear that this anti-tank gun was outmatched by the Panther and Tiger. 

A total of 6700 units were manufactured, including both the standard M10 and the M10A1 modification.


5 men
29.5 tons
5.97 m
3.04 m
2.89 m
48 km/h
320 km
76.2mm M7;
Secondary: 12.7mm M2HB