Light vehicles (armored vehicles)



This Soviet tankette was created in the image of the English Carden-Loyd Mk VI. It entered service in 1931. A total of 3300 of these units were issued.

The T-27 was used in intelligence units, and in combination with other tank and armored units. It was also involved in the airborne brigade's experiments in aerial deployment. The first Soviet flamethrower tank was based on the T-27.

Its housing was made of steel sheets bolted and riveted together, which could protect only against small arms and medium-caliber fragments. Most of the T-27s were destroyed in the early days of the war. Those that remained were used in the Battle of Moscow as trucks and patrol vehicles.


2 men
2.7 tons
2.60 m
1.83 m
1.44 m
40 km/h
120 km
7.62mm DT