Heavy tanks



This Red Army heavy tank was built on the base of a KV-1C, due to a delay in developing the IP-1. For this reason, KV-85 production numbered a mere 148 units. 

It is noteworthy that this tank mounted a 85mm D-5T gun, designed for the IP-1.But because of the new tower, its original layout changed. Instead, the ball mounted hull machine gun was removed, in exchange for a machine gun fired by the driver. The gunner and radio operator were eliminated from the crew. 

Overall, the KV-85 proved itself well in combat, when serving in the hands of an experienced crew. It is worth noting that no KV-85 in good condition was ever captured by the Germans or their allies.


4 men
46.0 tons
6.90 m
3.25 m
2.83 m
42 km/h
330 km
85mm D-5Т;
Secondary: 3×7.62mm DT