Light and medium tanks

T-34 (1940)


This legendary medium tank was developed by the Design Bureau at Kharkiv Locomotive Plant 183, under the leadership of Mikhail Ilyich Koshkin, and was adopted in December 1939.

The tank offered a close fighting compartment, and its challenging ballistics guns required gunners skilled enough to bear down quickly.

The "Thirty-Four" was based on the A-32 prototype, a quantum leap in the history of tank design. Its powerful B-2 diesel engine delivered high mobility to its wide tracks. Their performance on the field was always impressive, and the T-34 was rightly known as one of the best tanks of World War II.


4 men
26 tons
5.92 m
3.0 m
2.4 m
54 km/h
300 km
76mm F-34 tank gun;
Secondary: 2 × 7.62mm DT