Tank destroyer

Jackson M36


Also known as the Slugger, this self-propelled artillery unit truly lived up to its name as a tank destroyer. Serial production began in 1943.

The M36 was the natural development of the M10A1 – the modified M10. However, this new unit was built on top of an M4A3 tank chassis. This enabled the installation of an 90mm M3 rotating gun tower. 

The M36 is one of the few self-propelled guns which could compete successfully with almost all enemy tanks. Sighting instruments installed in the tower enabled direct fire even from closed position. 

In total a little over 2300 units were manufactured.


5 men
28.5 tons
5.97 m
3.04 m
3.27 m
42 km/h
280 km
90mm M3;
Secondary: 12.7mm M2HB