Light and medium tanks

M3 Lee


When the US entered the war, the M3 Lee was the first medium tank they brought. Production began in June 1941, and ultimately reached a total of 6528 units.

The distinctive feature of the M3 Lee was its unusual armament position. Weapons were located on three levels: guns were installed on the lower and middle levels, and there were two machine guns on the middle and upper levels, which formed a fully revolving turret.

The Lee saw its first combat deployment in May 1942, where it served the British on the North African battlefield. Despite its unusual exterior, the tank proved itself quite capable of performing its combat missions.

Historical fact: the M3 Lee is probably better known than its British modification, the M3 Grant. Both nicknames are after American historical figures – Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant, opposing generals of the US Civil War.


6 men
27.9 tons
5.63 m
2.71 m
3.12 m
39 km/h
193 km
75mm M2 or M3;
37mm M5 or M6;
Secondary: 3 or 4 × 7.62mm M1919A4