Tank destroyer



This light self-propelled gun was built on top of light tank T-70, for the purpose of mobile infantry support. About 14,300 units were manufactured. 

Initially, the armor of the SU-76 was completely closed, but with modernization came a transition to the T-70M chassis, and the armored roof was abandoned. The original SU-76 lacked a ventilation system, and the crew were often left gasping. The SU-76M was not often employed in battles with the enemy tanks, but it proved indispensable in assaulting fortified enemy towns, and could assist in transporting troops, towing trailers, and hauling various cargo.


4 men
11.2 tons
5.0 m
2.74 m
2.20 m
44 km/h
250 km
76.2mm ZiS-3