Light vehicles (armored vehicles)

M3 Half-track (M16 MGMC) (Lend-Lease)


This half-track armored vehicle, compliments of the U.S. Army, was well suited as an anti-aircraft gun.

The M3 modification featured a quad mount with four M2HB Browning machine guns.

The APC's M2/M3 Halftrack chassis proved quite versatile. Its anti-aircraft gun was electrically fired, and had a target ceiling of 1500-2000m. It was actively used against light armored vehicles as well.

A total of 2877 of these vehicles were released, and were supplied to the USSR under the Lend-Lease program. Red Army reappointed them "M17" after slight modifications. One thousand units were delivered in total.


3 men
9.06 tons
6.16 m
1.96 m
2.26 m
72 km/h
320 km
4 × 2.7mm M2HB Browning