Light and medium tanks

Sherman M4A1(76)W


A modification of the main medium-sized tank in the US army, the M4 Sherman. It appeared as the American response to the new German Tiger and Panther tanks. Since the 75mm guns of the M3 were insufficient to penetrate armor, designers decided to equip it with the long-barreled 76mm M1 and M1A1 guns. Tests showed that standard M4 turrets were too small for the new guns. Therefore new weaponry was installed on modified turrets of the T23 prototype medium tanks.

M4 tanks were produced with the new turret until April 1945. All Shermans with the 76mm guns had the number 76 in their model designation. The new turret had a commanders cupola and improved armor.

Historical fact. In the British army the modified M4 tanks were given the name Sherman IIC.


5 men
32 tons
5.89 m
2.61 m
2.74 m
48 km/h
190 km
76mm M1A1;
Secondary: 12.7mm M2HB, 2 × 7.62mm M1919A4