Light vehicles (armored vehicles)

M3 Half-track (M16 MGMC) (M16 MGMC AA half-track)


The half-track armored vehicle of the U.S. Army, converted to an anti-aircraft gun. This M3 modification boasts a quad Browning M2HB machine gun armament. 2877 of these vehicles were constructed.

Rapid developments in Europe forced the Americans to boost work on a light and simple anti-aircraft unit. Thus they decided to mount an anti-aircraft assembly on an M3 body. Although the original design met all specifications, some changes were later added. For example, a hydraulic cushion was later added to buffer the guns. Its armor-piercing bullets could puncturea 25mm thick steel sheet at a distance of 100m. With aircraft guns installed, the unit’s rate of fire reached 650 rounds per minute.


3 men
9.06 tons
6.16 m
1.96 m
2. 26 m
72 km/h
320 km
4 х 2.7mm Browning М2HB