Light and medium tanks

Stuart М3А1


This light American tank was a natural development of the previous generation of M2 light tanks. The first М3 serial models were manufactured in the early spring of 1941 by American Car & Foundry. A total of 23,685 M3 tanks were manufactured. 4621 of them were the original model, the M3A1 – some of which had a diesel engine.

The M3 entered the war in Northern Africa under the flag of the British, not the US. The 8th English army was facing an extreme tank shortage and 280 early-model M3 tanks were sent in support. The new tank was well received indeed. M3 tanks were also lend-leased to the USSR, where they went straight into combat. The USSR received a total of 1232 M3 and M3A1 tanks.

Historical fact: British soldiers nicknamed it the "Stuart" after the US Civil War General J.E.B. Stuart.


4 men
12.7 tons
4.53 m
2.23 m
2.64 m
61 km/h
113 km
37mm M6;
Secondary: 5 × 7.62mm Browning M1919A4