Light vehicles (armored vehicles)

Carden-Loyd Mk VI


The tankette of the British armed forces. 

Considered one of the world's best tankettes, it served as the design basis for other machines of its kind across the world. 

The vehicle sports a low armored hull with a centrally located Ford T 22 hp engine, which could drive the machine up to 45 km/h. Its housing was riveted armor plate 6 to 8 millimetersthick. For armament it possessed one (and sometimes two) Vickers 7.7 X 56mm heavy machine guns.
Despite its lack of firepower, tankettes were often used at outposts, and for reconnaissance missions.


2 men
1.8 tons
2.46 m
1.75 m
1.22 m
45 km/h
144 km
1 to 2 Vickers 7.7 X 56mm