Heavy tanks



This heavy tank of the Red Army was adopted and entered production at the end of the war, and did not participate in those hostilities. 

It distinguished itself from the IS-2 by taking a new approach to the design of the frontal armor. The new tower was another innovation over the IS-2, and the streamlined hull improved the armor’s protection. A 122mm gun was installed, along with a 520 horsepower engine capable of driving the tank up to 40 km/h. 

The IS-3 has served the armies of Poland, North Korea, Syria, Czechoslovakia, Iraq, and China, where it served until the end of the 1970s. 1555 units were serially produced.


4 men
46.5 tons
6.90 m
3.15 m
2.45 m
40 km/h
185 km
122mm D-25T 1943;
Secondary: 12.7mm DShK, 7.62mm DTМ