Light and medium tanks

T-26 1933


Born in the 1930s, this Soviet light was based on the design of the English Vickers Mk.E tank, and was intended as a replacement for the T-18 light infantry support tank. Production of the T-26 began in the summer of 1933, and a total of 11,218 units were produced.

Serial production of the tank’s riveted hull proved difficult. Due to insufficient armor plating, makeshift shield plates were installed on many units. The tank was continuously upgraded, as its designers struggled to eliminate its shortcomings. From 1931 to 1941, 23 different models of the tank were produced.


3 men
8 tons
4.62 m
2.44 m
2.19 m
30 km/h
120 km
45mm 20K;
Secondary: 7.62mm DT