Light vehicles (armored vehicles)



This Soviet light armored vehicle was adopted in May 1942, to become the first domestic armored car featuring all-wheel drive. Its standard GAZ-64 frame boasted a welded body made of rolled steel plates with a thickness of 4mm up to 15mm.

This substantial chassis was decorated with a turret whose armor was 10mm thick. Its armament was limited to a single 7.62-mm machine gun, but its engine allowed speeds up to 80 km/h. It was intended for command reconnaissance, battle management and communications, as well as escort convoys. It also proved effective in urban combat (in Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Austria). According to its manufacturers, 8174 of these armored vehicles were produced.


2 men
2.36 tons
3.66 m
1.53 m
1.90 m
80 km/h
560 km
7.62mm DT-29