Heavy tanks

M26 Pershing


Medium U.S. Army tank. At the start of production in 1944, the Pershing was considered a heavy tank. But because of its shortcomings on the battlefield, it was redesignated a medium class tank, despite its rather impressive 41.5 ton weight. 

This tank’s most famous World War II battle was staged near Cologne Cathedral on March 6, 1945. On this occasion, an M26 Pershing famously destroyed a German Panther, which itself had just locked sights upon a Sherman. In all, 1435 units were produced.

These tanks further distinguished themselves in the Korean War, from 1950 to 1951, and the tank remained in service to the U.S. military until 1965, over which time it was used primarily for training.


5 men
43,1 t
6.2 m
3.5 m
2.76 m
48 km/h
120 km
90-мм M3;
12,7-мм M2HB, 2 × 7,62-мм M1919A4