Light and medium tanks

Stuart М5А1


This light US Army tank manufactured to replace the M3 model. To create the light tank М5 American engineers improved the previous models taking into account their disadvantages. The model with a new turret and less vulnerable continuous tracks received the name М5А1. In total 6810 of these models were manufactured by the end of fall, 1944. This made the M5A1 both the best and the most popular of the "Stuart" family.

Stuart tanks vary widely in each model’s modifications, and their combat deployment spread across all the anti-Hitler coalition countries. These tanks rose to their pinnacle performance when US Marines landed with them on the Pacific islands and fought in Burma and the Philippines.

Historical fact: even today, Stuarts which have been altered beyond recognition are serving the Brazilian army under the name Х1А2.


4 men
15.72 tons
4.84 m
2.29 m
2.57 m
58 km/h
200 km
37mm М6;
Secondary: 3 × 7.62mm