Heavy tanks

Char B1bis


Heavy tank of French manufacture. 

The first units of the B1 tank were created jointly by Reno and FSM in 1930. Serial production began in 1935. The tank participated in hostilities against Germany in the spring of 1940. During the occupation, the Wehrmacht seized nearly half of the French B1 tanks. In total, just over 400 units were manufactured. 

Its 75mm cannon had only a vertical aiming mechanism. Horizontal aiming was carried out by rotating the tank’s entire body. The B1 could accelerate to a bare 28 km/h.

Losses of these tanks were largely due to mechanical breakdowns.


4 men
32 tons
6.52 m
2.5 m
2.79 m
28 km/h
150 km
75-мм SA 32;
47-мм SA 35;
2 × 7,5-мм Chatellerault mod. 1931