Light vehicles (armored vehicles)

Humber Mark I


The standard armored car of the British Army. Serial production began in 1941, and about 5,000 vehicles of various modifications were produced in total. 

The Humber was based on the pre-war Guy armored car, and produced by the same company. It was also known as light wheeled tank Mk I. The Humber Mk I boasted a welded body 14 mm thick. Itsrelatively short wheelbase limited its maneuverability somewhat. 

It mounted two BESA machine guns, a 15mm and a 7.92mm, both installed on the tower. Well-armed and well-armored, it demonstrated excellent handling on rough terrain.


3 men
6.85 tons
4.57 m
2.19 m
2.39 m
72 km/h
400 km
15mm BESA;
7.92mm BESA