Light and medium tanks

T-34 (1942)


The legendary Soviet medium tank enjoyed a number of improvements, based on the extensive combat experience of the older machines. The turret cupola was replaced with a standard hatch, and a new 5-step gearbox was installed. These tanks were built at various plants, and a variety of refinements were made by each manufacturer.

The chassis also bore the new MG DT 7.62mm, in case unarmored enemies approached the field.

T-34 tanks were often employed in amphibious landings, when mobile infantry required tank support.

In 1942 alone, 12,572 units were issued.


4 men
30 tons
5.92 m
3.0 m
2.5 m
54 km/h
300 km
76mm F-34;
Secondary: 2 × 7.62mm DT