Heavy tanks



Heavy infantry tank of the British Army. In the words of Winston Churchill, in whose honor it was named: "This tank has more faults than I do!" Its principle strength was its unusually thick armor – for its day. As for weapons, the Churchill appeared with a wide range of equipment and modifications. Engine Company Bedford clocked this tank at a maximum 25 km/h. In all, 5640 units were manufactured. 

The hull construction of the Churchill heavy infantry tank was quite primitive and antiquated, and its undercarriage had a number of problems. Under the Lend-Lease program, these tanks were delivered to the Red Army. They were also supplied to Ireland during the postwar period, where the Churchill tank remained in Ireland’s standing army until 1961. 


5 men
37,9 t
7,44 m
3.25 m
2.45 m
25 km/h
250 km
40-мм QF 2 pounder или 76-мм Howitzer OQF Mk I;
2 × 7,92 BESA