Light vehicles (armored vehicles)

M3 Half-track


The M3 was produced in parallel with the M2, and it eventually became the standard APC, seating an infantry squad in the rear, along with 3 more soldiers in the control compartment. Its body was longer than the M2, and it housed an aft door for quick loading and unloading. Its7.62mm machine gun was mounted on a removable column and controlled from therear roof compartment. The standard model came with a pulleyor winch on the front of the body. 

In addition, the center of the body provided a rack for mounting an anti-aircraft gun. The M3 had an armored hull of thick steel,12.7mm around the sides tapering to 6.4mm in the rear. The M3 clocked up to 72 km/h.
Over 31,000 of these vehicles were produced.


3 men
9.06 tons
6.16 m
1.96 m
2.26 m
72 km/h
320 km
7.62mm M1919A4;
12.7mm M2