Tank destroyer



This self-propelled gun wasbuilt on the base of an T-34-85,and adopted by the Red Army in early 1944. During the Great Patriotic War, a little under 2500 of these units were produced. 

It was built for the specific purpose of destroying the German heavy tank T-VI Tiger I, and the TV Panther. 

The main advantage of the SU-100 was its high rate of fire, accuracy, and impressive range – up to 4600m. The SU-100 was later replaced by the SU-85 in the 1944 rearmament program. 

The SU-100 was last seen in Morocco in 2007.


4 men
31.6 tons
6.46 m
3.0 m
2.24 m
50 km/h
310 km
100mm D-10S 1944