Heavy tanks



Soviet heavy tank of WWII. A total of 4800 units were produced, in various modification. The tank could be manufactured with either welded (75mm) towers, or cast (95mm) towers. 

Over time, its hull armor was strengthened with additional plates, and the total thickness of the cast tower’s armor rose to 105mm. At the beginning of the war, no anti-tank gun on the field could penetrate the armor of the KV-1. For this reason, the Germans called the KV-1 the Gespenst – the Ghost.

This Soviet tank set the record for destruction of enemy equipment. On one occasion, in Zenobia Kolobanova, a single KV-1 destroyed 22 enemy tanks, while withstanding about 160 hits.


5 men
47.5 t
6.67 m
3.32 m
2.71 m
34 km/h
180 km
76mm L-11;
Secondary: 3 × DT