Tank destroyer



This heavy self-propelled gun was based on the JS-1, and intended as a replacement for the SPG SU-152. Its introduction meant cancelling the production of the KV-1C heavy tank. From 1943 to May 1945, no less than 1885 of these machines were produced. 

More reliable than their predecessors, they boasted increased power and an improved chassis and transmission. The ventilation system was also improved, which meant a more comfortable crew compartment and a cooler engine.

This self-propelled gun rolled boldly into the battle for Europe, where its combat skills gained it the nickname Hunter. In 1944, the ISU was upgraded with an IS-2 chassis.


5 men
46.0 tons
6.54 tons
3.07 tons
2.87 tons
40 km/h
350 km
152.4mm Howitzer ML-20С 1937/43