Update 0.7.1


We have fully focused our work on making global improvements and testing new game modes. In the meantime, we have prepared a number of fixes for the current update:

  • First of all, we have fixed and improved the first mission of Invasion of Poland, the German campaign.
  • Bomber support has been added to the Multiplayer support pool. When called in, bombers deal significant area damage.
  • The Saboteur support has been modified. The unit now plants a “package” behind enemy lines which stuns enemies with an explosion instead of distracting them.
  • You can now place infantry units in any fortification except Machine Gun Bunkers, after destroying the current garrison. This means that if you attack a fortification with light caliber guns and kill all the units inside, your troops can capture the guns.
  • The Fortification Capture support has been removed.
  • There is now a button to force all the infantry controlled by the player to go prone. From now on, units go prone and crawl only when the respective command is given. AI controlled units go prone using the same triggers as before.
  • The Little Italy map has been reworked; all new players will now have the new version. Map edges have been improved, and another deployment area has been added.
  • Defense Testing Battle Reports have been modified, and misleading information has been removed. Defense Testing Battles are no longer included in the reports.
  • The start mission button in historical campaign has been modified.
  • Backwards movement speed now runs at 70% of normal speed.