After reviewing your feedback, we have decided to increase the significance of pre-planned defense in relation to direct combat defense. To achieve this, we have increased the limit of the troops and fortifications for the defender, and at the same time reduced the impact of reinforcement points flow from CP.

Set the following limits:

  • Assaulter set limit: 250/300/400/525/650/775/900
  • Defender set limit: 150/225/300/350/400/450/500
  • Fortifications limit: 130/130/190/250/305/380/475
  • Maximum limit of  the army in the battle: 450/525/650/775/900/1050/1200


Parameters of the reinforcement points were modified:

  • The basic generation was reduced to 3 points per 5 seconds.
  • Generation for the owning a CP (control points) was reduced to 1,5/2,25/3 for 1/2/3 CP.
  • A multiplier was moved to after ⅙ of standard combat timer, gradually increasing the reinforcement point generation until a maximum at ½ of the combat session timer
  • The maximum of this multiplier was increased to 3.5.


Other balancing changes:

  • The starting values of the delay on the support for defend side were increased:
    • Bomber and attack aircraft:  180/210/240s for levels 1/2/3.
    • Howitzer: 180s.
  • Snipers’ survivability was reduced to 33% of original value..
  • MRLS vehicles now do increased damage by 50%.
  • Durability of buildings was increased by 35%.
  • Shrapnel damage on garrisoned infantry in buildings was increased by 200%.