Hot Fixes:

  • AI cannot summon reinforcements after its support center is destroyed.
  • Fortifications on the King of the Hill map cannot be placed outside the map border.
  • Fortifications on the Big Coal Quarry map cannot be placed within the rocks or precipices (inside or on top).
  • The Eastern landing zone on the Coal Quarry map has been enlarged (it was previously too small).
  • The Western landing zone on the Little Italy map has been enlarged (it was previously too small).
  • Changes made to ensure the uptime and stability of the leaderboard system.
  • Now the air forces and artillery of the defending player destroy not only enemy units but also enemy HQ when combat time runs out.

We are sorry for the patchsize being as big as it is even though it only contains some bugfixes; however, we needed to make some changes to file structuring as preparation of the upcoming patches. We hope that the patch size will not lead to difficulties for users with volume based internet tariffs.