Game Barks Contest!


Greetings, officers!

We hereby announce the start of the Game Barks Contest!

What are "barks"? They're the lines you hear your units say throughout the game. The following popular phrases are examples of barks from the first games of the Blitzkrieg series:

1) They won't know what hit 'em!
2) Where is the bad guys?
3) Sweetheart, you've heard the man!
4) Right'a, w-we're rollin'...

We would like you to contribute to the project: units will speak the phrases you submit!

They can be cues for units of any nation, used in specific game situations – or phrases to be uttered by the characters throughout the game.

We have a list of categories you can use when writing your cues:  


  1. Tutorial
    Commentary during the Tutorial.
    Examples: "Press the Attack button", "Capture the watchtower".
  2. Completing missions and achieving results
    Phrases uttered when completing missions and achieving results.
    Examples: "Watchtower captured!", "AA guns destroyed!", "Kryukov is saved!"
  3. Requesting Support
    Calling in recon aircraft, attack aircraft, a bomber, a fighter, or paratroopers. A request for a howitzer salvo or smoke screen (by an ally or by an enemy).
    Examples: "Aviation will cover you", "Fighter requested by the enemy".
  4. Spotting an enemy
    A unit or support (reconnaissance aircraft) spots an enemy.
    Examples: "Enemy spotted", "There's a Kraut behind that AA gun!"
  5. Reaction to combat actions
    Possible situations: your squad is running low on health, an enemy is killed, a ricochet, missing the target, a massive attack, infantry approaching a tank and receiving a buff.
    Examples: "Too tough to pierce!", "Burn, bastard!", "Good to have an APC nearby..."
  6. Reaction to debuffing
    What we mean here is when a negative effect is applied to units. Optics are damaged, a track is blown off.
    For example: "A round is stuck in the chamber!"
  7. Reaction to the terrain
    The troops comment on the nearby terrain and its advantages and disadvantages.
    For example: "Good place for an ambush", "Another bog to cross..."
  8. Reaction to staying idle
    Example: "Hey Kryukov, are you asleep again?", "So, are we gonna open fire or what?"


If you have an interesting phrase that does not fall under these categories, you are welcome to submit it, too! :)


Contest terms:

  1. Develop and post a set of bark phrases for units in the special thread created for this purpose on Steam and on forum by 23:59 Moscow time, December 21
  2. Each phrase should have a comment: who says it and in what particular situation or mission.
  3. You can come up with any number of phrases, but quality is better than quantity.
  4. Your work must comply with Russian law, the User Agreement, and the rules of the forum.
  5. Plagiarism, i.e. passing off someone else's work as your own, is forbidden.


Announcement of the results and awards:

  1. The most interesting phrases will be added to the game, and their authors will get great prizes!
  2. Three winners will get a legendary tank of their choice.
  3. These players' names will also appear in the project credits.
  4. Authors of phrases we like which don't make it to the top three will be able to choose one of the following tanks: Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger, SdFkz 234 Puma, SdKfz 165 Hummel, SdKfz 186 Jagdtiger, Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger II, KV-2, KV-85, T-44, IS-2, ISU-152, T26E1 Super Pershing, Sherman Caliope, Churchill, M4A3E8 Fury.
  5. The results will be announced on 13th of January.



  • It is no secret that there will be an account wipe before the game is released. Don't worry about your prizes: we will re-award them to the winners after the wipe!
  • The administration fully reserves the right to use the participants' bark phrases for its own purposes.


Let's work together to make our game even more interesting!


The administration reserves the right to change this event's procedure at any time, provided that the players are informed via the publishing of such changes on the website or the game forum. The administration is entitled to make final decisions on any controversial issues.