Update 0.6.7


Comrade, you have an MLRS at your command!

Commander, we are happy to inform you that Multiple Launch Rocket Systems are now at your disposal. You can even give them a try right now on the new Tier 7 PvP King of the Hill map! Besides this, Command HQ needs you to carry out PvE Operation Spreewald – rescue prisoners of war and retrieve top secret documents while you’re at it. To help you achieve these goals, you will have Generals of Artillery and of Sabotage Operations at your disposal.

Among other things, our experts have been working on training the vehicle crews. They now respond to orders better, and no longer lose speed when moving along complex trajectories. With their new instructions, they’ll no longer be homing in on enemy hedgehogs, barbed wire, statues, and other non-aggressive objects. We have also worked on improving communications between unit commanders: a message history tab has been added to chat (players can now see the last 100 chat messages), as well as a Combat Chat tab in which players can send messages to each other in Active Defence mode.

You can view the complete list of changes in the full dispatch from our Communication Centre