Update 0.9.2


Gameplay Changes:                                         

  1. All infantry units except snipers are now able to dig trenches. Taking damage or receiving different orders interrupts the digging process.
  2. All armoured vehicles now have the Dig In ability. A unit cannot attack while digging in. Taking damage does not interrupt the process.
  3. A new mission from the Soviet campaign, The Luga Line, has been added to the game.

    In the early stages of the war, the Soviet army was not faring well. Advancing on the German left flank, Army Group North routed the North-Western Front and was already closely approaching Leningrad by the third week of the war. At that point, however, they were stopped at the newly created Luga defensive line. The Germans were stuck there for a month and a half. They were never able to breach the line and eventually flanked it.
    You will be tasked with conducting a special operation in the rear to destroy the anti-aircraft cover and hold back the enemy's counteroffensive until reinforcements arrive.

  4. The commander system has been reintroduced to the game. A number of changes have been made to it. A commander can strengthen some of your troops. Rewards can be earned by raising each commander's loyalty level.
  5. Leaderboards have been reintroduced to the game. These are available through the menu, or by clicking Rankings in the upper left corner.
  6. The reward system for side missions has been changed; you will now receive the units listed in the mission description upon first completion.
  7. The provisional shop has been removed from the game. Players who haven't made any purchases in it will get a minimum set of essential units.
  8. The combat and base interfaces have gotten a significant visual overhaul.
  9. The globe's appearance has been changed, and new icons added.
  10. Owners of the Deluxe and Strategic editions of the game have gotten their statues back.
  11. The March on Daugavpils mission has been significantly simplified.


Fixed Issues:                                           

  1. Fixed the freezes that previously affected all side missions, most notably the Essential Provisions side mission.
  2. Turning on vertical sync no longer causes a frame rate drop.
  3. Fixed freezes occurring when the opponent calls in new troops.
  4. Removed a delay in the interface response to pressing buttons.
  5. Fixed a bug causing players to stop receiving support points mid-combat during a skirmish.
  6. Corrected historical inaccuracies on some of the commander portraits.
  7. Fixed a bug in the Large Calibre side-mission whereby completing the task to eliminate gun crews would fail to register.
  8. Fixed a bug in the March on Daugavpils mission whereby reinforcements could not be requested despite available reserve troops and sufficient support points.
  9. Added missing unit tooltips in the pre-battle window.


Known Issues:                                        

  1. Functionality for assessing a commander's bonuses is yet to be implemented.
  2. Incorrect shell explosion effects above trenches.
  3. Mouse-wheel scrolling does not work when viewing statistics and in matches’ results.
  4. Puddles may incorrectly display on top of trenches.
  5. A white square will appear instead of the image in the pop-out message if you click on missions that are not implemented in the game yet.
  6. Menu will not pop out after you cancel PvP search (it will show up after you open any mission up).
  7. Pillboxes’ timers work incorrectly.
  8. Slots for infantry in fortifications are not always shown.
  9. The progress of assaulting houses is not shown.
  10. If you own a low-spec PC, you may face some issues with FPS in Luga (first Soviet mission).