Small Patch


A small update has been deployed, which has fixed an issue with the Assault mode winning conditions. In some cases, the winner was wrongly designated, receiving ressources and rating without meeting the winning criteria.


The winning conditions for both sides are now as follows:

  1. Destroy opponents Headquarters
  2. Destroy opponents Communication Centre and all units
  3. Opponent leaves the game


How is it determined, if a victory is minor or major (attacker)?

  • Triumph - the attacker wins (according to the above mentioned conditions), managing to capture at least one control point.
  • Victory - the attacker wins without capturing any control points
  • Defeat - the attacker loses, with at least one control point captured
  • Crushing Defeat- the attacker loses without capturing any control points at all.


For the defending player, the victory conditions are a mirror reflection of the above-mentioned list.