Update 0.9.5


Gameplay changes:
  1. 3 missions for the Allies have been added:
    Operation Lightfoot, The Invasion of Normandy / D-Day, and The Battle of Anzio!

  2. New commanders have been introduced!

    For the Axis: Commander of Artillery Georg von Küchler!

    Georg von Küchler was one of the authors of the German doctrine of combined arms reconnaissance. He participated in World War I, where he received many orders and medals for his actions. In 1919, he volunteered to go to Poland to fight the Red Army. During World War II, he took part in the invasions of Poland, the Netherlands, and Belgium. In 1944, he was forced to resign, but when he was offered a chance to join the plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler known as the 20 July Plot, he refused it. Coming from a family of German officers, he was a real patriot of his Fatherland and believed in its ideals. Küchler learned all of the advantages of conducting reconnaissance in force when he was in Poland. For this purpose, he uses snipers, light vehicles, and anti-tank artillery supported by infantry and assault infantry. His views on defensive warfare were formed under the influence of constant redeployments from one front to another. That's why he prefers light and mobile squads with anti-tank rifles, mortars, and anti-tank guns rather than permanent fortifications.

    Premium Units for reaching new levels:
    1) SdKfz 231 + Pz IVe;
    2) 2 Wespe;
    3) SdKfz 234 Puma + Sturmtiger!

    For the Allies: Infantry Commander Claude Auchinleck!

    Claude Auchinleck was a British military commander, knight (by June 1945), and Field Marshal. During World War I he took part in military operations in Egypt, Aden, and Mesopotamia. He was one of the most respected commanders in the British Army. In 1941 he was appointer Commander-in-Chief in India, then he was sent to North Africa to replace Field Marshal A. Wavell as Commander-in-Chief, British Middle East Command. He started preparing an advance operation against German and Italian troops under the command of General Rommel (Operation Crusader). Despite heavy casualties, Auchinleck managed to have some success (breaking the siege of Tobruk). After that, however, Rommel counter-attacked, captured Benghazi on 29th January 1942, and pushed the British forces back to Gazala and Bir Hakeim. Auchinleck moved his reserves up and launched a new attack, defeating Rommel in July 1942 in the Battle of El Alamein.

    Premium Units for reaching new levels:
    1) Assault Infantry + Panhard 178;
    2) 2 rare Anti-Tank Infantry squads;
    3) Machine Gunners and Greyhound!

  3. We have re-worked and improved the characteristics of the units:
    - Characteristics have become more authentic;
    - Now units of different eras are closer in strength;
    Previously units of an older era used to be much stronger than those of the previous one. We have balanced these limits, and now it's the unit's historical characteristics that affect its strength, not a link to a particular period of the war;
    - We have corrected armor characteristics: thanks to your help we found some inconsistencies in our characteristics and corrected them!
    - Additional balance improvements.

  4. Assault mode has undergone significant changes!
    - We have increased the maximum number of initial troops and the reinforcement limit for the attacker and the defender;
    - We have changed Reinforcement Point generation and bonuses for capturing Control Points.

P.S. Visit our Development Blog to read a new post about the history of Assault mode! :)