Tutorial added!


Changes in the game:

1) You can now complete a tutorial for each faction at the start of the game. It will help new users familiarize themselves with the basic mechanics and quickly get a feel for the game. This option won’t be offered to players who have already completed the starting missions for each of the factions.

2) 2 new side missions for the Allies were added:

1. Photo hunt
July 1943. After the Allies landed in Sicily, the Italians began to evacuate important military installations onto the mainland. Our scout plane was able to take photos of the Italian ports and nearby enemy forces, but on the way back, the scout plane and its escort were shot down. Your mission: find the crash site of the scout and retrieve the photos.

2. Silent incursion
In the fall of 1944, the Allied forces liberated most of France, but the Germans still would not retreat. There are large clusters of Axis forces in the area where you are about to conduct an operation. Fortunately, the groups of troops are divided and we have a chance to deal with them separately. If you manage to hold onto victory, you will soon be able to completely neutralize the enemy in this region.

3) The sandy map "Desert port" for Skirmish mode is available again.

4) Owners of the deluxe edition of the game can now get a reward for winning M6A2E.

Technical details:

1) The system for sound notifications about important events has been improved.
2) A lock is now shown over the units that can’t be taken with you in certain missions.
3) Obstructions are no longer marked on the minimap, and their health points are not displayed either.
4) Missions and PvP battles download faster now.
5) Two types of avia supports were strengthened:
- Significantly reduced smoke screen latency. Now it is on the battlefield almost instantly.
- Increased view radius for reconnaissance aircraft.

Known issues:

1) Skirkish modes 2x2 and 3x3 may not work correctly.
2) Lobby may not work properly.