New mission - Harborage!


Changes in the game:

  1. Rewards for winning battles against artificial intelligence, Boris, have been added.
  2. Added an icon on the globe by clicking on which you will be able to enter the battle against Boris (AI).

  3. New deluxe mission for the Allies added - "Harborage"!

April 1945. Intelligence reports that the German command had evacuated a part of its nuclear program, including scientists and developments, to the south of Germany. You, as the commander of the US special forces, are instructed to act in any country, including foreign ones. Find and take out all the documents, prototypes and nuclear materials you can find, and destroy those you are not able to collect. When the war comes to its end, this sector will be under French's control and we can not allow France, other countries of the coalition and especially Communists lay their hands on these technologies. 

Mission's special feature is the entry of your troops into a radioactive zone in which infantry and vehicles' crews can receive a large dose of radiation and die if you do not leave the dangerous territory in time.

  1. Reworked "March on Daugavpils" mission.

Balance has been improved, task considering capturing the headquarters changed, several minor bugs fixed.

  1. Changed icons marking units characteristics in the information about unit screen to new ones. 
  2. Added Polish and Czech localization. 


Fixed issues:

  1. Fixed several optimization issues. Loading time reduced, FPS ratio improved. Please keep in mind that we will keep working in this direction even after this patch! :)
  2. Fixed issues causing the loading  of the game and missions to stuck. 
  3. Fixed a number of issues which prevented people from playing in Custom game rooms and joining battles. 
  4. Fixed a bug which added an extra T-34 to your Assault Group in "Operation in Messina" mission. 


Known issues:

  1. Saves in "Harborage" mission are not working properly.
  2. Skirmish 2x2 and 3x3 modes are temporarily blocked. Don't worry, they will be back!