Report on the vote


Dear soldiers, 

Here’s our report on the most recent player vote (last week’s survey in the game’s main menu). We had several items in the survey:

  • * How is the single player campaign’s difficulty level after the recent changes to the combat system?
  • * Who is stronger in Active Defence mode?
  • * Should we make support actions unit abilities?

In the end, the following decisions were made:

  • * 40% of players think the single player campaign is too difficult, so we’re going to make it easier to earn the first star on its missions.
  • * 33% of players believe that the attacker is stronger in Active Defence, 37% chose the defender, and 30% think that they are equally matched. Game balance is definitely going in the right direction. We will soon study our faction balance and conduct additional surveys.
  • * 81% are insistent on implementing support actions as unit abilities, which we will definitely do!

Thanks to everyone who took part in this event! Please participate in the game’s development by casting your vote!