7 new missions added!


1. Now your friends in Steam will be automatically added to your friends list in the game.

2. Black list added – players on the black list will not be able to send you messages, invite you to their squads or add you as a friend.

3. Invasion of Poland, Battle of Arras, March on Daugavpils, Sabotage Campaign in North Africa, Operation Compass, Battle of El Alamein, The Luga Line, and Rjev operation missions are now much easier for new players to complete, and rewards for some of these missions have been changed.

4. 4 side-missions and 3 mini-missions were added.
We would like to highlight a new mission – Volokolamskoe Highway. It is based on the heroic deed of Soviet soldiers and officers from Major General Panfilov’s division. This act has already been immortalized in book (the novel Volokolamsk Highway) and film (Panfilov’s 28 Men) – and now also in Blitzkrieg 3!

5. You can enter the settings menu from the faction selection screen when launching your first game. To do that, press Esc.

6. Fixed the bug that caused Wirbelwind to shoot incorrectly.

7. New Year’s support and map events have been removed from the game.

8. Fixed a number of issues related to game saves and their loading.

9. Fixed the bug which made chat pop out after you pause the ga