Dear friends, here's what we introduced with this patch:

  • Fixed an error where destroying the defender's Communication Center made them lose the game (as if their HQ was destroyed).
  • Removed the cooldown for changing your base. However, the 48 hours cooldown message is still present in the base selection window.
  • Fixed an error in the tutorial: removed an obsolete task that required filling the support pool.
  • Replaying 2v2 and 3v3 Skirmish battles now works properly.
  • Matchmaking search criteria are now broader, and the search time for Skirmish has been increased.
  • The minimap now properly shows markers and the camera (matching the actual positions of these objects on the battlefield).
  • The MLRS now properly follows the Prepare to Fire order.
  • During next map selection, previously unused maps now have a higher chance of being selected.
  • When filling in the text field of a poll, the page no longer reloads when the N key is pressed.