Сlosed Alpha begins!


The Сlosed Alpha Test of Blitzkrieg 3 begins today! Just in time for the weekend – the perfect time to try out this long-awaited game!

All the happy owners of the game who pre-ordered can start playing the game now!

Here you can download the game client

And for those who haven’t yet decided to pre-order – sign up and start playing today.

The Closed Alpha Test will roll out in stages. This will allow us to evaluate the quality of the game at every stage – from the initial stages to the highest levels. The whole team will be actively involved in the testing, right alongside the players.

The first phase of the closed alpha test will continue from February 20 to February 24. Players will have access to all three major parties to the conflict. You’ll go on tutorial missions, play the online-mode, attack buildings and enemy fortifications with over 40 different units, and defend your base with over ten kinds of fortifications.

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to the development of the continuation of this legendary game series! Join us on the battlefield!