Real-time PvP is coming!


Comrades, we are happy to announce a long-awaited update that fully satisfies the requests of our front-line commanders. First of all, we have added the option to fight against a real enemy both in game chat and on the battlefield. After receiving a notification that your base has been attacked, you begin fighting the enemy’s advancing troops.

We have made an important decision: moving depots and factories from the front line to the rear. Only buildings required for the use of human and technical resources ordered from General HQ remain on the base.

Regular infantry units have been retrained and can now successfully deal with minefields and hedgehogs.

Time is a commander’s biggest enemy, which the new timer will remind you of in the final minutes, as enemy artillery and air forces wipe the attacking army off the face of the earth in a single sweep.

Global chat has been added to maintain a high level of coordination of commanders’ actions on the front lines. You can attack an opponent in game chat by clicking on their nickname. For the sake of convenience, factions and players are divided into different colours.