In this update we mainly focused on fixing known bugs. Many of them were found and neutralized thanks to our players – thank you for helping us, we really appreciate it! But of course, there are some nice new features too!

Bugs fixed:

  • Several bugs with the grenadiers fixed. Plus, we are currently working on improving their functionality.
  • Pathfinding on the map "Swamp" improved.
  • The bug with anti-aircraft guns fixed: now you can deploy and move them again.
  • Some bugs related to moving to new maps fixed.
  • A number of bugs, causing game crushes fixed.
  • Sound volume calibrated.

  • New features:

  • Now you can finish the battle even if the time runs out. However, this will bring you no prize resources
  • You will get some extra resources after relocating o a new base map.
  • Camera control appointed to WASD, and commands - to QERZX hot keys.
  • The volume of birds singing significantly decreased.
  • Buildings improving is accompanied by scaffolding animation now.
  • New research icons In the Scientific department

  • You can read the complete list of all the changes here.

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