First single mission!


As part of the fourth phase of the closed Blitzkrieg 3 Alpha Test launched today, players gained access to one of the solitary historical missions of the USSR campaign: Neisse Crossing. Hold on to the captured bridgehead, defend the crossing against the attacks by the enemy air force and repel the adversary's counterattacks!

Aside from the long-awaited single player content, all players can look forward to:

  • * Awards for successful fending off of enemy attacks on your base
  • * Free replenishment of troops lost in battle
  • * A fully modified and re-balanced game economy

The fourth phase of the Closed Alpha Test, which will run for a whole month – from 31 March through 28 April 2015, will be pivotal for Blitzkrieg 3. We have carried out tremendous amounts of work, having taken into account ample feedback from players and integrated it into the game. It is hardly possible to overstate the influence that our testers have had on the project.

To enable players to fully appreciate the compounded effect of all the updates to the game - first and foremost, to the new economy - we are zeroing out the entire game progress. Both the testing veterans and those joining the Closed Alpha only at this stage, will be starting with a “clean slate”.

Everyone who has together with us played, commented, shared their ideas and joined the discussion on how to improve the game will as a token of our appreciation receive unique awards: a special 'Elite' rank on our official forum and a forum medal “For special merits”.

Aside from that, only the Alpha Test veterans will be invited to take part in a raffle for a set of of Blitzkrieg commanders bags – personally signed by the developers themselves!

You can read more about all the newly introduced changes to the game

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to the development of the continuation of this legendary game series! Join us on the battlefield!

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