Blitzkrieg Summer Sale


My fellow American and European friends!

Today, while the power and resources of all our nations are concentrated on new battlefronts in Blitzkrieg 3, our Western allies begin their Steam Summer Sale to support our rear guard defences. The Nival High Command is keen to join this outstanding initiative by our American comrades. So by order of the General Quartermaster, we therefore present some excellent discounts across the entire Blitzkrieg series!

From today and up to 22nd June, Blitzkrieg 3 will be discounted by 10% (site and Steam), with the original Blitzkrieg and Blitzkrieg 2 discounted by 75%. The might of our battlefield weapons and the strategic genius of our generals have been shown on many occasions in the past. Today, we are taking this to new levels with Blitzkrieg 3, the greatest game in the series to date, which is currently pitting general against general in Early Access.

Our thanks to the great support of our game communities in the United States, Europe and Russia who are helping us to achieve our goal of Blitzkrieg 3 becoming the new benchmark for Real Time Strategy games, bringing acclaim and innovation to the genre.

This war is ours! See you on the battlefields of Blitzkrieg!