Fuel Depot


This building produces and holds one of the major resources of the game: the fuels and lubricants required for the support of infantry and vehicles. It also improves various other structures of your base. The game begins with a level one Fuel Depot. Modernization speeds the production of fuel, and increases the total amount of fuel that you can store. In July 1940, a resolution was adopted: "The 1940 plan to expand and mobilize state fuel reserves." Soviet command thus planned to accumulate a massive fuel supply by May of the following year. By June 1, 1941, the People's Commissar of Defense had filled 96.8% of the installed fuel depots. By proposal of the General Staff, this stockpile was moved from the interior to the military districts along the border – which is why the Soviets suffered such massive losses of this valuable resource in the first months of the war.