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Wehrmacht Anti-tank gun


Design on the world's first anti-tank rifle began in November 27, 1917. The firm Mauser was charged with the task of creating this weapon, and the 1930s saw the arrival of the anti-tank rifle. Its specifications were strict: it was to be operated by a single soldier; its weight should not exceed 15 kg; and it must penetrate a 30mm armor plate after traveling 100 meters.
Based on the experiences of the First World War, this new rifle was designed alongside a new cartridge. The result was the development and mass production of the PzB.39. Alongside this weapon, the German army also equipped the Czechoslovakian MSS-41 anti-tank gun. Two men were required for the standard operation of these weapons: one would aim, the other would load. Bicycles were used to transport these guns: they were strapped to the frame with belts. These guns never became popular among the soldiers of the Wehrmacht army.