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    Blitzkrieg (Past and Present)


    In March, 2003 Nival Interactive (now Nival) released the first part of a massively multiplayer RTS game based on the historical events of World War II – Blitzkrieg. More than 200 types of military units recreated from the real historical prototypes. Full-scale multiplayer to allow massive battles over the Internet or LAN. Experience gained in previous battles allows to upgrade units to fight better in future battles. A unique map editor added options of creating own missions and campaigns, adding models, textures and special effects, changing parameters of any military units. This editor is still being used by the game community to develop new mods. A mission generator allowed to create an unlimited number of customized missions of any style and difficulty level which made the game practically never ending.
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    Two and a half years after the release of the first part Nival Interactive released a full scale sequel which became an even more popular strategy game. As a tradition, the units were based on the real prototypes of World War II but the number of them had grown 1.5 times. The unit upgrade system was greatly improved as more special abilities were added. In between missions players could direct their armies on the strategic map, evaluating the enemy forces location, view levels of experience of own units and results of previous battles. Apart from that Blitzkrieg 2 had an extensive encyclopedia of units and a map editor with lots of new features.
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    Blitzkrieg 3 is an innovative real-time strategy game, blending single-player and multiplayer modes to breathe new life into the RTS genre. It continues the successful Blitzkrieg series, which has won over forty awards, including numerous "Game of the Year" and "Editor's Choice" accolades. Blitzkrieg 3 presents a true picture of World War II beyond politics, and enables players to feel like commanders of the era. Blitzkrieg 3 is being developed by Nival, which has created top strategy games for seventeen years. More information is available at
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