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    Translate Blitzkrieg 3!

    Greetings, officers!

    In May 2017 Translate Blitzkrieg 3 Project was launched.
    Many of you have already participated in it and made a lot for making the game more interesting and understandible for other people around the world.

    Thanks to you, Polish, Czech and Ukrainian languages were added into the game.
    It is a huge step for Blitzkrieg 3, but there is still more that can be done.

    There are dozens of languages in the world, and without you, translating Blitzkrieg 3 to them will remain a dream.
    Make it come true!
    Help others enjoy the game and receive valuable rewards for your efforts!

    You can find the Translate Blitzkrieg 3 Project here:
    If you are willing to translate the game to any other language which is not represented on Crowdin's page - just write about this on any Blitzkrieg 3 social platform and it will be added right away!

    All contributors (who will contribute a certain amount of words translated) will be able to receive:
    1) Blitzkrieg 3 Deluxe edition
    2) Copies of Blitzkrieg 1 and Blitzkrieg 2
    3) Packs of rare units

    The most active participants will be awarded with exclusive Strategic edition of the game.
    It was available only during a short amount of time in the beginning of development and includes exclusive content.

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    I hope game will translated to Vietnamese. I am not good at English, so sometimes I use google translate meaning.



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